Understanding Gynecomastia (Man Boobs), Its Symptoms, Causes, Types And Treatments

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Though Gynecomastia may sound complicated and a term that one may not easily understand, its definition may be simply said as a disorder in male breasts that is characterized by enlargement of glandular tissue that is located next to the nipple. The swelling is normally caused by low level of testosterone hormones as compared to that of estrogen in a man's body. After swelling, this glandular tissue becomes plump and gets a rubber-like and a firm feel leading to enlarged man boobs. There are different types of this disorder, symptoms as well as causes. Additionally, there are surgeries that are carried out as a way of treating this disorder as well as home remedies for the same. This article will give information on causes, symptoms, types as well as treatment methods of gynecomastia.


Enlarged men boobs

The most common and easily noticed symptom is enlarged men breasts. As seen above, this disorder is caused by enlargement of the glandular tissue other than the fatty tissues. The enlargement of this tissue causes the overall enlargement of the whole breast. This may occur on both sides and in some cases, the enlargement may be seen on one side.

Tender and sensitive breasts

Another common symptom and an indication that there may be a disorder in male breast is sensitivity and tenderness. This sensitivity is not common in normal male breasts and therefore should be reported in case it is experienced. This sensitivity is caused by increased level of estrogen hormones.


Though not severe, pain on men breast is another indication that something could be the matter and there is need to contact a doctor. Slight pain is normally experienced especially in early stages and may increase as the swelling increases.

Breast bud

This is a breast sprout that is common in boys with this condition that occurs at puberty age. This bud may last for up to two years and may clear by itself and if not so medical intervention may be sought.


Individuals with this kind of condition may experience chills at some point although this is not a common symptom. The swollen part may also appear reddish and become hot to touch.

To sum it up, this condition has several symptoms including enlarged breast, tender and sensitive breasts, pain, breast bud and in some cases fever. If any of these symptoms is noticed, it is important to seek doctor's advice and go for check up in order to identify the cause and appropriate actions may be taken.

The major cause of gynecomastia is hormonal imbalance whereby the amount of testosterone hormone decreases than that of estrogen. There are several causes of this hormonal imbalance including

Mother's estrogen in infants

This is a condition whereby babies are born with the mother's estrogen hormone in their system and may cause the breast to enlarge. This condition normally disappears after two to three weeks after the baby is born.

Puberty hormonal changes

Normally at the age of puberty, human body undergoes very rapid hormonal changes that brings about various changes in the overall growth of the body. During these changes, there could be a decrease of testosterone hormone in boys that could bring about breast enlargement. This condition is treated and may disappear after a period of six months or could extend up to two years.

Imbalanced hormones in men

Between the age of fifty and eighty years, men's body also undergo some hormonal changes and during this process some imbalance may occur with increased level of estrogen hormone that would cause enlargement of breasts. At this stage it is very important to seek medical advice. At some point surgery may be carried out as a way of treating this condition.

Natural hormonal changes

As it is now clear that gynecomastia is caused by decreased level of testosterone hormone or an increase of estrogen in male's body. A natural change of hormone may occur and lead to this condition as hormones in human body keeps on changing with time.

In conclusion of causes of enlarged men boobs, there are several causes all based on imbalance of hormones in men whereby there is an increase of estrogen hormone that is known to work in female body. Testosterone hormone is known to work in male body, therefore its decrease and an increase of estrogen hormone is likely to bring about some unusual changes including enlarged breasts for men. Some of the natural causes of change in hormones include Mother's estrogen hormones to infants after birth, hormonal changes at the age of puberty as well as changes in aged men.

Types of Gynecomastia

Type 1: Puffy nipple

This type of enlargement normally affects the area around the nipple. It causes a swelling with the shape of a conical and size of a large egg.It extends beyond areola margins. The nipple becomes puff and shinny.

Type 2:Chest angle less than forty five degrees

This is a common type of men boobs disorder that affects the whole volume of the chest. The breasts swells and occupy the lower part of the chest. The swelling appears fatty and firm especially the part under the areola. The swelling is size of a tennis ball and it appears so on both sides.

Type 3:Mild sagging of breasts with a chest angle of forty five to sixty degrees.

This is a stage whereby the chest begins to sag with the nipples descending to a lower position than usual. The breasts become enlarged giving the chest an angle of forty to sixty degrees.

Type 4: A moderate chest sagging with an angle of sixty to ninety degrees

At this stage the sagging of the chest is now noticeable. The breasts are already enlarged giving the chest an angle of sixty to ninety degrees.

Type 5: Significant sagging with the chest angle greater than ninety degrees

This is a more advanced stage with the breast tissues sagging below the chest fold with the areola's bottom being located slightly above the fold of the chest.

Type 6: Severe sagging with the top of the areola being placed above the chest fold

At this stage the sagging is severe whereby the tip of the areola is located above the chest fold, extends to the under the armpit. At this stage the swelling may even extend to the back.

Type 7: Extreme sagging with the top of the areola sagging below the chest fold level

This stage is the most extreme stage and it completely distorts the shape of the chest. The nipple goes beyond the level of the chest fold and extends to the stomach area.

In the seven stages of chest enlargement, the sagging increases as the stages advances. In type one up to type five of this disorder, the levels are identified by the angle of the chest, for level six and seven, the level is determined by the location of the nipple to the chest fold.


Surgery is carried out as a way of treating this male breast disorder for various reasons including to reduce the size of the breasts, remove excess tissues and relieve pain. Different types of surgeries are carried out at different stages of gynecomastia as will be seen below.

At stage one a surgery is carried out on the swollen nipple and it is flattened. The shiny and firm areola can not be seen anymore after the surgery.

Stage two surgery helps in removing the excess breast tissue after assessing its margin a step that is very key in order to remove the appropriate amount. During this surgery amount of tissues size of a tennis ball is removed and the breast returns to it normal size.

Since the chest is already sagging, after surgery has been carried out at stage four, the skin remains sagging especially for aged people. For young ones the skin is likely to regain its elasticity with time as opposed to old aged people. However, a surgery helps in reducing the size of the breast. A donut lift may be done as a way of tightening the skin at this stage.

At stage five the skin may remain sagging even with a donut lift operation though some results maybe realized. At stage six and seven a donut lift may give two undesirable results like a sagging skin even after it is carried out or a scar that would spoil the chest skin appearance.

In order to have the best result after a surgery, it is paramount to go for one as early as possible especially before the condition gets to the third stage. This is important because the amount of excess tissues removed is minimal and the healing process is faster. Also the chest is likely to go back to its original shape and no scars are left. It is also cheaper to treat at early stages than it is in advanced stages.

Gynecomastia Home Remedies

Other than surgeries and doctors' prescriptions, there are other home remedies that are useful in treating and preventing boobs enlargement for men. These remedies are less expensive and most of them have on side effects. They include


Turmeric is a herb that is known to increase the level of testosterone hormone in men. When this hormone level rises, the swollen breasts tends to disappear naturally.

Foods rich in Zinc

Foods rich in zinc such as cashew nuts, lobster, yogurt, chickpeas, oyster and fortified cereals among others are known to increase the level of testosterone a sure way to treat enlarged men boobs.

Press with an ice cold material

To stop swelling on the breast, compress with cold piece of cloth or tie ice cubes with a clothe and place on the swelling. The low temperatures will cause the tissues to contract and would end up stopping the swelling completely.

Flowers from passion plant

Passion flowers contain chrysin that is crucial in maintenance of the levels of testosterone and in turn prevent occurrence of breast disorder in men.

Fish oil supplements

Fish oil contain omega-3 that is essential in production of testosterone and reduces the level of estrogen in men a fact that brings about hormonal balance and treat any disorders in men.

Other available treatment methods
There are other treatment methods available as enumerated in the following paragraphs


For a very long time, exercise has been known to give tremendous results when it comes to weight loss and fat burning in the body. Jogging walking, going to the gym among other are some of exercises that give good results and have no side effects.

Herbs used for medicinal purposes.

There are a number of natural herbs that have been said to treat swollen men boobs with no side effects. However, there are no proofs of their effectiveness to date.

Proper diet

Since breast swelling is to some extent caused by excess fat in the body, eating food with reduced amount of fat help in controlling occurrence of this condition. Also water helps in proper function of all the body parts and therefore intake of adequate amount of water ensures that the body is in a stable condition and free from many disorders.

Use of creams and gels

There are creams and gels that are purposely made to reduce men's enlarged breast. Some of them can be bought over the counter, others may be prescribed by doctors. One advantage about the this creams and gels is that the are less expensive. However, the use of creams and gels should always be done with a lot of caution since some of them may have adverse side effects on the user.

To sum it up, it is paramount to understand one's body at all times, be keen to note any changes and take the appropriate actions. Most importantly, it is crucial to visit a doctor for check up often so as to identify any disorders and start treatment as soon as possible. As seen in the case of gynecomastia, it calls for urgent action to be taken in case of any symptoms. This timely action helps in stopping the condition to get into more advanced stages that would bring about even severe symptoms and ends up being costly to treat. To remain healthy for long, it is wise to have ideas on different disorders, their symptoms, causes and treatment methods. Understanding available home remedies for various conditions reduces the cost of treatment.

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